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Bathroom Grab Bar Installation


Bathroom Grab Bar Installations are the most important bath safety service SafeBath provides.  Our standard grab bar installation services includes 2 bars of any combination of 18″, 24″ or 36″ stainless steel, concealed flange grab bars.  Many other sizes, styles, and textures are available by special order to complement any decor.  Bathroom Grab bar installation services include furnishing and installing ADA compliant: 1 ½” diameter grab bars.  Our professionals can install grab bars in any surface and location to suit your needs (fiberglass, drywall, stone, ceramic tile, plastic, plaster).  Grab bar installations can reduce slip and fall injuries when someone is weak, unstable or having equilibrium problems by providing a stable and secure support to grasp. Call SafeBathCo today to learn about bathroom grab bar installation services!

Over 70% Of Home Injuries Occur In The Bathroom

Top 5 Bathroom-Grab-Bars Locations
1. Horizontal bar in the tub/shower
2. Vertical bar to help step over the tub/shower edge
3. Next to a toilet.
4. Replacing a existing towel bar.
5. Above or below a existing towel bar.